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Survivors - The Ageing Population of Birgu

The aim of this book project was to capture a subject of great sensitivity and poignancy, bringing alive whole families, various characters and individuals who make up the colourful strands of the huge fabric of a proud city with two appellations, namely Birgu and Vittoriosa. It is a series of portraits and interviews with these indomitable characters.  This is a small selection from a total of 83 photographs.

The second volume has just been published and is available directly from me.

“Survivors” is one of the finest collections of biographies to appear in English this year.  In range of mood, pace and tone it is a laudable undertaking. (Lino Bugeja).

"This volume is an absolute pleasure to read and look at. We trust that, should the

photographer himself shoot a self-portrait in 50 years’ time, he would choose to have

a camera, and a copy of Survivors, at his side." (Mark Anthony Falzon and Virginia Monteforte.  Sunday Times of Malta 8.11.2009)

"It's a noble commitment.  With a wife and child - and his job - he might easily have succumbed to the great modern pressure of 'having no time'.  Instead, he made time, and used photography to freeze it for a second, preserving it, and a generation of memories, in magnificent monochrome" (Black & White Photography magazine. February 2012)

(Few remaining copies from the second print run of this volume are in stock.  Contact me directly if interested in acquiring a one).

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